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    JON TSINTZIRAS | graphic designer, 2d animator.

    My name is Jon Tsintziras and I am "the doodler". I love art; all kinds of it. Design is my passion. I like to sketching and doodling shapes, characters and cartoons all the time. If my life was a song, it's title would be: "Doodles in my head" *LOL. During my free time I try to keep up with the upcoming trends in the area of graphic design, web design, packaging and ... doodle design!! So, thats all about me; welcome to my personal webpage.

    As you can see, this is actually a web-portfolio that presents some of my favourite works. My activities cover two main areas: Graphic Design and Web Design. Feel free to navigate through my projects and have a taste of my way of thinking.


    • Dec 2013

      Corporate Identidy. Design.

    • Jan 2014

      Packing. Design.

    • Jan 2014

      Web. Design.

    • Jan 2014

      Advertising Material. Design.

    • Feb 2014

      Chic Magazine. Store..

    Graphic Design

    Anything that can be printed. This includes: cards and invites, magazines, flyers, photo albums, catalogues.

    Logo Design

    Your business, your store, your idea, your self… sketched

    Corporate ID

    Your unique identity. business cards, brochures, professional signature


    antique man


    Anything in motion. Advertising banners,  Characters in motion, Cartoons.

    Web design

    Anything that can be on the net. mostly Webpage design


    The best products require the best packing


    • Graphic Design
    • Animation
    • Corporate ID Design
    • Web Design

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